SACHS RCS Releaser 38mm

SACHS RCS Releaser 38mm

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  • D (mm) 38
  • CSC in Compression 57.2
  • CSC in Rebound 72.2
  • Hydraulic cross-sectional area 820.7mm2
  • DOT 4
  • 3/8-24UNF

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Since 2005, SRE is offering a specially developed central releaser (CSC = Concentric Slave Cylinder) for push-type control of RCS racing clutches.
To achieve the greatest possible strength and to prevent leakages, the housing for thecentral releaser is a single component. The releaser bearing is designed for the high rpm levels of racing engines. The actuation diameter of the releaser is specially adjusted to the diameter of the RCS clutches. This racing releaser was designed to generate as little friction as possible in the system.
This has been achieved by means of a special low-friction coating, as well as a low-friction sealing system. In general racing clutches have higher release forces. This means that the pedal forces that drivers have to exert are also considerably higher. However, the central releaser developed specifically for racing clutches features a higher hydraulic volume, which lowers the pedal forces for drivers.

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