Linear-24 Flood

Linear-24 Flood

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High output work light for industrial applications, Customised arrangement of vacuum-metallised optics delivers ‘zonal’ lighting, Supplied with stainless steel, side mounting brackets, Electronic thermal management

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Adopting the same high-output LED arrangement as found in our Linear Elite range, the Linear-24 Flood produces 16,200 raw lumen, and which combined with a customised assembly of ultra-reflective, vacuum-metallised optics, delivers ‘zonal’ lighting perfectly aligned to work cabs, whether mining or construction, forestry or agriculture. On the one hand the high intensity lighting provides a simply unmatched level of illumination in the immediate area in front of the cab, while the length of the light bar itself enables a spread of light to the sides which makes for a safer and more productive work environment. At 5000 kelvin, the colour temperature of the light is also proven to improve sharpness and definition of the immediate surroundings, while also being comfortable to operate with for longer periods of time.

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