Brembo HP2000 brake pads 07.B314.01

Brembo HP2000 brake pads 07.B314.01

329.06 (exc. VAT 271.95)

Sport pads ECE-R90 approved VAG

Thickness: 16,7 mm, Number of pads: 8, WVA Number: 23751, WVA Number: 23765, WVA Number: 23764, Warning Contact Length: 252 mm,
Brake System: Brembo, incl. wear warning contact, Number of wear indicators: 2 Per axle, Height: 74,2 mm, Width: 97,3 m

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“The experience accumulated through years of intensive research in the competition field has allowed us to create product lines that are differentiated on the basis of the application types and different research and development procedures adopted. Thanks to the results obtained, car sports enthusiasts, who insist on replacing original brake systems with Brembo High Performance equipment, are able to improve their riding style in terms of performance and safety while also ramping up the overall aesthetic appeal of their machines. Bite: Friction measured at the beginning of braking action,Mean Friction: Average level of friction during braking,Control: High level and constant coefficient of friction in the various
conditions of use,Consistency: Capability to repeat the same curve of friction stop after
stop,Pad wear: Loss of material (reduction of thickness),Heat Conduct: Thermal conductivity of the material,Compressibility: Elasticity of the material during compression,Bedding: Ability to make the disc ready for a right use in short time,Fading: Reduction of friction level due to the temperature”

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