Carbon-6 (Drive) – 3D Material

Carbon-6 (Drive) – 3D Material

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Ultra-lightweight, carbon-fibre or 3D print CF-PA12 material housing, Combination of high intensity 11W LEDs and 3W Matrix LEDs, Available with Spot or Drive optics, ECE approved – requires Dashboard Controller (Race), Designed & manufactured in Britain

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The Carbon-6 (Gen2.1), upgraded in 2019, is the ultimate driving light for rally and track motorsports. The light comes available with either Spot or Drive optics and thanks to an ultra-lightweight housing, the lamp weighs just 420g, but the lighting performance is staggering, with 1 lux extending out over 700m (Spot optic). The suitability of the Carbon-6 to motorsport applications is enhanced by ECE (E9) Reg 112 approval, a feature required by many race events and series.

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